Tent halls and warehouses for agriculture

The flexible solution for the agricultural sector

Especially in agriculture, storage capacities are always a big issue. With our tent halls, you can easily cover all needs in everyday operations. At the same time, our products adapt individually to your needs. 

Our agricultural tent halls and storage tents offer optimal weather protection with their special construction. This ensures not only the all-year operation, but also the option of versatile use. 

Advantages of tent halls in agriculture

Tent halls are particularly convincing for temporary storage needs. Unlike steel halls or structures with foundations, the halls can be removed almost without residue when needed. In addition, our rental and leasing function gives you the option of only using them for a certain period of time and then returning them 

Ekodynamic sources all products from its own production. On the one hand, this allows us to respond very flexibly to all requests. On the other hand, this approach enables us to achieve short delivery and assembly times without any intermediary. The fact that the tent halls can be built without a building permit also contributes to that 

Due to our construction method in fixed systems we are able to offer ready-made solutions at very reasonable conditions and at the same time high quality.   

What are the advantages of tent halls?

Patented air cushion roofing

This special thermal insulation is fixed between the tarpaulins. Air is blown in there with 1.2 ATU. A compressor from the special production with a consumption of only 120 W switches on automatically when the pressure drops to about 10 %.

No condensation

Thanks to the air-cushion roofing, there is an air space of 60 centimeters to one meter. The lower tarpaulin of the tent does not freeze due to this even without heating. This also eliminates condensation.

Natural light inlet

Our double tarpaulin is in the shade of milk white, which allows up to 50% of daylight to shine through. This saves lighting in the best case, and also makes the inside of the tent look brighter and more spacious.

ISO walls

We clad our halls with ISO walls with PU core from 40 to 80 millimeters. Our customers can bring in their own wishes regarding the suitable cladding.

Foundations rarely necessary

Due to the construction type of our industrial tents and storage tents, foundations are usually not necessary. However, if particularly load-bearing floors are required - for example, due to heavy use by forklifts - we will also provide you with suitable foundations

Use of wooden floors and parquet

Thanks to the impermeability of our Ekodynamic lightweight halls, we can also enable our customers to use parquet and wooden floors as floor coverings.

Snow load secured

Our air-cushion thermal insulation allows our winterized tent halls to withstand increased snow loads, making them suitable for challenging seasons 

Normal tent vs. tent with air cushion technology

Project procedure & financing

Tent and storage halls for agriculture rent, buy or lease

Expand your storage capacities and still remain financially flexible! With our financing options, we make our products available in a variety of ways. From direct purchase to limited rental to financing in leasing format, the choice is yours. Learn more about our rental concept here.